Lazer GrowWith™ Programme

HOW TO USE Lazer GrowWith™

The Lazer GrowWith™ scheme is designed to subsidise the cost of buying a replacement when a child outgrows a Lazer bicycle helmet.

Any consumer resident in the UK or Ireland who has purchased their helmet from an authorised retailer in the UK or Ireland who currently uses a Lazer Bob, Max+, P’Nut, Nut’z, Street+ or J1, helmet can apply to Madison for a £10 rebate if they replace it with any other Lazer bicycle helmet.*

The process is simple:

1) Contact Madison Customer Care ( with the following:

  • Proof of purchase of the old helmet, with an image of the old smaller helmet
  • Proof of purchase of the new helmet, with an image of the new larger helmet**
  • Your delivery information, name and contact details

2) Madison will send a £10 cheque straight back to you, using the information provided.

3) That’s it!

*This program is run at the discretion of Madison and can be cancelled or amended at any time.

**The second helmet purchase must be more than 6 months after the first and be of a bigger size that reflects expected growth.