Lazer launch new helmets and eyewear at Eurobike

Wednesday 31st August 2016

Lazer have launched a new range of helmets and eyewear to the cycling world at Eurobike 2016, with products covering everything from performance to E-bike specific.

The brand – best known for its award (and race) winning Z1 – unveiled nine all-new products at the world’s biggest bike show.

Each new addition features one of Lazer’s renowned fitting systems, along with a range of accessories that can be added to customise and enhance most models.

This includes the E-bike ready Anvers and urban Armor pin, both featuring integrated clear visors.

The Bullet solves the ventilation compromise that aero helmets are forced to make by pioneering vents that can be opened on hot climbs to introduce airflow. The vents can then be closed on-the-fly in time for the sprint – be for a town sign or grand tour stage victory.

When it comes to getting to the finish line fastest, nothing in the range comes close to Lazer’s new pair of stub-tailed stunners.

The Tardiz 2 is made for triathlon with a dimpled surface to improve airflow, while the Track-Air model features a trip strip and adjustable deep screen visor that can be moved to create airflow through the helmet.

For mountain bikers, the Revolution FF is a lightweight full face helmet that can be converted into an open face with the removal of the chinguard. Made for enduro, the 705gram model also houses a crash-tested helmet camera mount.

Away from the major updates, there have also been several new colourways introduced across much of the range.


Lazer has also updated its eyewear range with three new models, all featuring Zeiss lenses in a variety of transmissions and frame colours.

The full-frame Walter gives maximum field of vision and protection, with lens cut-outs for ventilation; while the half-rim Eddy gives the same high performance, with a race look.

The M3 uses Lazer’s Magneto helmet and eyewear solution, staying secure and giving more adjustability thanks to a trio of magnets, along with the innovative option of storing at the rear of the helmet when not in use.


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