Inclination Sensor polished black Black / Red

  • Lazer Inclination Sensor helps you maintain your position on the bike by letting you set your ideal position and then notifying you when you move out of that position
  • Weight of the battery: 10 gram
  • Total weight of the device: 36 gram
  • Burn time of the battery 6 – 8 hrs
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Full recharge is two hours
  • Care is needed when positioning the sensor when the device is attached to a helmet other than a Lazer Wasp Air or Tardiz Inclination Sensor Compatible
  • When the device is attached to other helmets using Velcro the length of the device should follows the length of the helmet
  • When using an Inclination sensor on a Wasp Air or Tardiz Inclination Sensor Compatible helmet it is intended that the release button is pointed downwards as this will ease removal

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