Z1/Cosmo, LifeBEAM Kit ANT+ and Bluetooth Black


Cyclists who want to monitor and improve their performance cannot ignore their heart rate and other vital functions. Personal heart rate provides a window to an individual’s fitness and athletic ability.


To do this, Lazer has the perfect solution with the LifeBEAM integration. The LifeBEAM technology is the is the world’s first and only device that can be placed in a cycling helmet to continuously measure the rider’s heart rate, no chest strap needed. This combination seamlessly pairs to fitness devices and smartphones through ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 and displays the rider’s real-time heart rate.


This proprietary optical sensor and algorithm were developed, tested, and perfected in the aerospace industry under extreme conditions. As a result, LifeBEAM technology is completely motion resistant, so it can be used on any terrain, even the most intense MTB trails. The device is also truly all-weather, performing well in any condition such as rain, humidity, and extreme hot and cold climates.

It provides the perfect solution for women or people who feel constricted by chest straps. You are wearing your helmet anyways, why not use it to keep an eye on your heart rate.


Available works with: Z1, Blade, Wasp Air, Wasp Air Tri, Revolution, Magma, Revolution FF, Bullet, Victor


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